Welcome to Gloucestershire Vegan Group’s online blog.

We are a group of vegans who live in Gloucestershire and meet regularly to socialise and share vegan food, advice and support.

Our small and informal group is open to anyone who is already vegan or interested in veganism. We welcome new members to come along to our get-togethers, it is always great to meet new local people. Our events are based around vegan food and activities.

Often we meet at members houses and have bring-and-share meals, sometimes we go out to a vegan-friendly restaurant or pub for a meal together, we also go for walks and picnics, shopping trips, visits to local places of interest and animal sanctuary open-days. The type of activities we do together are shaped by what the group is interested in doing. If you’d like to join our group and suggest an activity, you’d be more than welcome. Membership is free, you simply sign-up to our email list to become a member, and get regular updates on our events.

Click on this link to subscribe: http://eepurl.com/hAEZc or email: gloucestershirevegans@yahoo.co.uk for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Gloucestershire Vegan Group


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