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Vegan Festive Feasts

14 Dec

This time of year is a great opportunity to share yummy vegan food with family and friends. It’s a fun challenge for me to create cruelty-free alternatives to traditional seasonal cuisine. I’ve found that a delicious dish, can impress veggie and carnivorous friends alike, and show vegan cooking can also be both sumptuous and indulgent.

There are some great ideas online for vegan alternatives to roast dinners:

Photo: Isa Chandra

Last year I made these Phyllo Tempeh Reubens from The Post Punk Kitchen website. Everyone in my family loved the divine texture and flavour combinations – wonderful crispy phyllo, with a creamy, crunchy, crumbly, tangy and intensely savoury filling. They took a couple of hours to make, but I baked them the day before and re-heated on the day. Tempeh may be hard to find, but I know Sunshine Health Shop in Stroud stock it chilled, frozen, and in jars.

This year The Post Punk Kitchen has inspired me again with the irresistible looking Seitan Roast Stuffed with Shiitakes and Leeks.I had a trial-run of

Photo: Isa Chandra

this recipe a few weeks ago, and it was as good as it looks. This can be baked a few days before eating, and it has a wonderful chewy texture from the wheat gluten (seitan), and is intensely savoury. I’ve not yet found anywhere selling wheat gluten locally, so I buy mine online at Honest to Goodness.

Photo: Messy Vegetarian Cook

Whilst looking for some more roast dinner ideas I came across the Messy Vegetarian Cook website, with great photos and these two yummy looking pie recipes: Mushroom Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, and also this Okara (soybean hulls) ‘Meatloaf’ Recipe, any of which I’d happily devour with some roasted vegetables.

There are also plenty of Christmas / Yule recipes and ideas on the Vegan Family Website

I’ve always fancied making vegan Yorkshire Puddings, but past attempts have been a bit of a failure, looking more like hockey pucks! This recipe for Yorkshire Puddings on the Thrifty Living website looks like a good one, so perhaps it is time to have another attempt this year.

For those of you who’d rather not be stuck in the kitchen, take note: there are plenty of ready-made options for vegan Christmas meals. Sunshine Health Shop in Stroud stock Redwood Celebration Roasts: veggie sausages wrapped in rashers with turkey style roast and gravy. They also have quick-to-make nut-roast mixes. Alternatively you could go for the home-made taste without all of the effort and try to catch The Veggie deli at a market near you, they do a Roast Tomato and Butterbean Galette and a Cranberry-stuffed Seitan Roast, and a few other pie/bake type things, all of which would be great for a festive meal. They frequent Stroud and Cheltenham Farmers Markets, see The Veggie Deli Website for more information on where and when they are attending markets.

Have a great festive break!